Mitzvah Teacher Training
Mitzvah Technique
Bringing Flexibility to Everyday Movement
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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story

Mitzvah Teacher Training Workshops
These workshops are for those interested in becoming a Mitzvah Technique Teacher. They can also be for anyone just wanting to learn certain aspects of the work. ( these students can not say they are teachers). Prerequisite is 3 sets movement classes and 6 individual sessions. The total number of hours required to graduate is 540. Each day is 6 hours and has a different focus. All workshops are at Danella's 56 Morrison rd. R.R. 1 Eldorado, 613-473-3805 Registration is 2 weeks in advance.

Fee. $100.00 per day
Pre requisites are  3 sets of the of the 8 weeks exercises classes
All dates are on the first Thursday of the month. Times are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Unless otherwise stated all classes are in Eldorado
Bring a lunch and snack and lots of water
Layers of clothes

It takes 175 hours to make 1 year and it takes "3" years or 525 hours to finish the course.

First Thursday of every month except August.