No Pain - Lots to Gain
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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
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No Pain - Lots to Gain

By Danella Hesler

Recently someone asked me what I did. I replied that I was a Mitzvah Teacher. Mitzvah is bodywork and movement that improves a person's posture, relieves tension stress and pain. Her response blew me away, " I have a lot of pain right now, so I should wait till I feel better to come to you." Trying to keep my mouth from dropping to the floor I asked why she would think that was wise. Her reasoning was that by working on her pain I would be so tired that I would have pain. For anyone with pain bodywork doesn't work like that. If you have pain the time to come is as soon as you feel pain.

Certified Mitzvah teachers know how to look after their body and will not get into pain, if we do, then we are not doing something right. In a Mitzvah movement class you will relearn how to use your body so that you do not create pain. You will be taught very simple easy movement that increases your flexibility and balance. Eventually your faulty postural habits change and you learn how to keep from being in pain. The other choice is to keep that old bad habits that constantly create your pain and more of your body will be harmed.

When you have pain the sooner it is dealt with the faster you can feel better, heal and get back to things you enjoy doing. One class is not the magic cure, it takes time to relearn habits and change. Think about how long you had the problem, it hasn't been there for 1 hour and won't disappear in one hour. One of my clients told me that she expected nothing less than a miracle, I told her that wasn't up to me but it was up her and how much she was willing to participate in her recovery. The more often you have a class or a session the faster you can heal.

In March of 04 a middle aged woman came to me for her first session. She was using 2 canes and had great difficulty coming up the steps to my house. She had a history of weekly migraines and fibromyalgia, Miss P was in a lot of pain everyday. The dedication she had to healing was very impressive and the woman booked session twice a week for several weeks, and she daily did the exercises that I taught her. Within 2 months she was coming without a cane and she could move with more ease, best of all the headaches had decreased in intensity and frequency. When people come once a month very little changes and they can get very disappointed. The clients who come once or twice a week do much better at getting well, compared to the ones that come once a month and don't do any exercises that I teach them. The other side of the "I have a lot pain so I shouldn't come" story is "I'll wait till I really feel bad." Do either of these make any sense to anyone? The more you do so that you feel healthy, the more you want to do to improve your health. I also hear the fable that they are getting old so what else do you expect from aging other than feeling sore and tired. I expect to feel great no matter what my age, and I am healthier at 55 than I was at 30. We have to keep moving, but we need to do it properly to keep maximum flexibility and balance. Mobility and agility are easily lost when we sit or stand for long periods of time (over 15 minutes). Learning movement that is gentle and slow like Tai Chi, Yoga or Mitzvah is the best way to start regaining your lost youthful movement. Better posture means better health.