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Radionics Workshop

FEBRUARY  28 2015

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

56 Morrison Rd. Eldorado, ON

We are drawing to us all those interested in this 1/2 day workshop.  You will learn the basic process of the radionics machines.

What you will learn:

* If you have the connection to the machines.

* What the connection feels like

* How long you are connected to the machines and the personís hair

* What your vitality is and finding the vitality of other people

(Do not bring other peopleís hair we have a large selection.)

* What the code books mean and the trail we follow to find a problem.

* Bring your own medicines, herbs, and food you may want to check to see how they affect your vitality.

Cost for the workshop $100.00

Contact Danella Hesler: 613-473-3805

Each workshop is open to 6 people

Cost of this workshop $75.00 (bring a lunch)

NOTE: This workshop does not make you a Radionics Practitioner. This is intended to allow you find out whether you have the touch. For further studies and to become a practitioner we will direct you to the people who are teaching.