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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story






No Matter Your Age Or Health, You Can Feel Energetic, Pain-Free, And Stronger Than Ever. We’re all designed to move upright through the world without any discomfort or restrictions. But instead, bad habits of movement put unnecessary strain on our bodies: hunched shoulders, craning necks, and long hours of sitting before a computer. It’s time to retrain your body to move more efficiently and feel great with Mitzvah’s bodywork and movement workshops.

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as of Jan 2022  donations for the time of  i,  Danella Hesler  are  minimum of $75  per session.  



                                          Welcome to those of Mankind from Back to Health:

                                                                     law common to i


     December   23. 2021


i, a woman; Danella Hesler state, as of January 1, 2022, i, offer my work as a woman to other men and women through private membership only;

i, state membership is $5, per year, waived for existing clients, only an existing member  may refer a man or woman to the membership;

i,  gratefully accept donations for  compensation of the time of my work of $75 or more, or something of equivalent value that is acceptable to i, such as silver, or food  ( no banana, mango egg or meat) or labour;

i, state, it is on this basis that all men and women understand that i, am not a doctor and my work is not covered by OHIP or other insurances;

i, state, that membership means that you accept and take full responsibility for your own health and emotions and all outcomes;

i, state that i, share my knowledge with you to the best of my ability, and together we will work for the best outcome possible; knowing that all men or women have free will and are responsible for their own choices;


                         with respect and regards;

by: Danella-Elizabeth Hesler, a woman.

56 Morrison Rd

As stated in the Law of Nations: “the general and fundamental rule of our duties towards ourselves, that every moral being ought to live in a manner comfortable to his nature”


Group Mitzvah Movement Classes: Get Relief From Symptoms

One On One Body Healing




Discomfort(like fibromyalgia and sciatic pain, chronic fatigue and back pain) can be relieved with Mitzvah’s low-impact exercises. Find a class near you (link):

  • future on line classes to be announced





Learn how to retrain your posture and change your movement habits to alleviate pain, regain flexibility, and undo a lifetime of muscular stress in a one-on-one Body Healing Class. The focus is on what your body requires to make a gainful contribution to your health.


 i am often asked what types of machines do i have,

here is a list if you choose to research   the technology


Kelly Research Tech

Dr. Browett   shown in the Video

 made in Canada

Dr. Neilson   made in Canada 




There is no tracking of your interest in any product of service provided  here and we do not contact anyone unless they have

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