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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story



Letís Ease The Pain You Feel Now With A Unique, New Movement Class



No Matter Your Age Or Health, You Can Feel Energetic, Pain-Free, And Stronger Than Ever. Weíre all designed to move upright through the world without any discomfort or restrictions. But instead, bad habits of movement put unnecessary strain on our bodies: hunched shoulders, craning necks, and long hours of sitting before a computer. Itís time to retrain your body to move more efficiently and feel great with Mitzvahísbodywork and movement workshops.

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Group Mitzvah Movement Classes: Get Relief From Symptoms

One On One Body Healing

Become a Mitzvah Technique Teacher

Discomfort(like fibromyalgia and sciatic pain, chronic fatigue and back pain) can be relieved with Mitzvahís low-impact exercises. Find a class near you (link):

  • Peterborough,

  • Northumberland,

  • Prince Edward County&

  • HastingsCounty.

Plus, Access Consciousness Workshopshelp you release the emotions that lock up your life and hold you back from what you want most in life.

Learn how to retrain your posture and change your movement habits to alleviate pain, regain flexibility, andundo a lifetime of muscular stress in a one-on-one Body Healing Class.The focus is on what yourbody requires to make a gainful contribution to your health.

Add a Mitzvah Certification Course to your wealth of health knowledge:Register now for Danella Heslerístraining workshop.

Take a Radionics Workshopand discover a new tool that measures energy levels throughout your body.