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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story




Let’s Ease The Pain You Feel Now With A Unique, New Movement Class




No Matter Your Age Or Health, You Can Feel Energetic, Pain-Free, And Stronger Than Ever. We’re all designed to move upright through the world without any discomfort or restrictions. But instead, bad habits of movement put unnecessary strain on our bodies: hunched shoulders, craning necks, and long hours of sitting before a computer. It’s time to retrain your body to move more efficiently and feel great with Mitzvah’sbodywork and movement workshops.

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Group Mitzvah Movement Classes: Get Relief From Symptoms

One On One Body Healing



Voxx  Socks

Discomfort(like fibromyalgia and sciatic pain, chronic fatigue and back pain) can be relieved with Mitzvah’s low-impact exercises. Find a class near you (link):

  • Peterborough,

  • Northumberland,

  • Prince Edward County&

  • Hastings County.


Learn how to retrain your posture and change your movement habits to alleviate pain, regain flexibility, andundo a lifetime of muscular stress in a one-on-one Body Healing Class.The focus is on what yourbody requires to make a gainful contribution to your health.


 VoxxLife has harnessed the power of Neuro-Science and the Neuro-Activation and spent 6 years developing Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT). 

Results from the socks are:

31% more balance and stability

17% more eccentric force

17% velocity of force

15% more range of motion

socks  come in small, med , large and there are insoles

prices range from $30 -$45



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