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About Danella Hesler

Danella HeslerFor a long time, I suffered from sciatic pain, migraines and whiplash. Nothing seemed to help, and I was convinced I was destined to spend the rest of my life in pain.

Then I discovered The Mitzvah Technique-and my life was dramatically turned around. In an amazingly short time, the combination of regular treatment sessions and Mitzvah exercises successfully took my pain away. It has never returned.

I was so impressed by what The Mitzvah Technique had done for me that I decided I wanted to learn all I could about it. I signed up for the course, which is taught only in Toronto, by its creator, Nehemia Cohen. (If you would like to learn more about Nehemia Cohen, you can click on this link to his website.

Nehemia Cohen has set extremely high standards for his students, and will only graduate them when they meet those standards. While the course takes a minimum of three years to complete, most students need five to seven years before Nehemia will allow them to graduate. Very few people are successful, and in 2003 there were only 10 Mitzvah teachers working at their craft in Canada. But I took to Mitzvah naturally, and graduated in 1998 after less than four years.

Starting with a client base of five, I pursued my passion to the point where I now have more than 150 people on my client list. I have even had clients come from as far away as Germany, Austria and the United States. My passion has become my life!

In July 2007 Danella received the Doctor of Natural Medicine. In addition to the Mitzvah she also does Electric Homeopathy. Daanella and her daughter Milica also facilitate Access Bars Classes check out the workshop section for more information about this