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Bringing Flexibility to Everyday Movement
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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
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The founder of the Mitzvah Technique.
Nehemia CohenNehemia Cohen
was born and raised in Israel.

While a dancer and choreographer with the renowned Imbal Dance Theatre in Israel, he became interested in body misuse.

He developed the skills for helping dancers deal with injuries and postural difficulties. Upon special request by the Ministry of Defense Forces, he began helping with the physical rehabilitation of patients with back problems at a government hospital.

Nehemia, as he is called, spent five years in London, England in studies to qualify as an Alexander Technique Teacher and in post graduate work. He worked and conducted research with the late Israeli physicist Moshe Feldenkrais.

Over the years Nehemia engaged in extensive study of the movement patterns of young children, animals and the nomadic Boudin of the Sinai Desert. It is from this research that he developed the concept of the Mitzvah Principle.

He founded the Canadian Centre for the Alexander Technique and later developed The Mitzvah Technique Centre and Training School.

Nehemia has given lecture demonstrations and workshops in Canada, the United States, England, Germany, Spain and Austria to medical personnel, school teachers, musicians, actors and other interest groups.

He has worked with special groups from York University and the National Ballet School. He is a member of the teaching staff at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.