Mitzvah Technique
Bringing Flexibility to Everyday Movement
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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story

These Exercises require Guidance
from a Trained Mitzvah Technique Teacher

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The Chair Exercise


268 269 270
Put head down and slowly bend legs so knees point out a rear end goes back Keep bending the knees so the leg and rear end sit on the chair Sit on the char
271 272  
Slide rear end forward so the back is at an angle to the bottom of the chair, keeping feet flat on the floor Put the head up and breathe  

Picking Up Objects


316 313 blank
Put head down and bend knees to rear end goes back, keep head down until you have the object in your hands and slowly pick up the object Hold the object close to your body so that you do not strain your back  



Lying Down - Floor Exercises


253 (1) Place hands and knees on the floor with back straight like a table with head our straight from back. 

(2) Drop head towards the floor, arch back upwards.  Release. 

Repeat steps (1) and (2)





244 351
Laying on the floor with one leg bent make circles with the top arm so the hand touches the floor all the way around the body. If you have an injury, you should ask the teacher how to do this so you don't re-injure the arm or shoulder.
362 258
The other part of this exercise is to slide the top arm along the bottom arm and stretch back to touch the floor behind you and slide the arm back to the bottom hand.

Bad Habits

  • crossing legs,
  • sitting on legs
  • holding any position for too long
  • slouching esp at the computer
  • putting purse on one shoulder repeatedly
  • holding the phone too long
  • reading in bed