Mitzvah Technique
Bringing Flexibility to Everyday Movement
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Lifestyle and Postural Habits
Slouching and twisting Sitting in soft furniture Prolonged and improper sitting at computers ...Full Story

Mitzvah Technique was created by M.Cohen-Nehemia  in Toronto in the 1970's..

There are 2 parts to Mitzvah Technique


 The body work is done on a massage table  and the person is clothed.  The client is on the table and the

teacher moves the body only as far as is possible. It is not about pushing past or into more pain.  A session is 1 hour

and in the time all parts of the body are moved many times.

Mitzvah has been very beneficial to people with vehicle accidents injuries, sciatic, migraine, arthritis, sleep disorders

and many other conditions.  The Mitzvah Teacher is trained to know  what your body will allow and where

your comfort zone is.

This amazing work is about  not pushing a person in to more pain but allowing them to slowly release deep set tension

 and stress.


The second part of Mitzvah Technique is using everyday movement as an exercise. Getting in and out of

bed, or a chair, walking,  driving a car. These everyday moves create faulty postural habits that over time

create pain and distress in the body. Learning what these habits are is easy, some are crossing the legs, crossing the ankles,

slumping over computers and many more. Changing those faulty habits takes time and effort the result is worth

the it. Living with out pain and knowing where the limit is before you hit it is  valuable knowledge.